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Green Mountain Grills Products LLC

Company-Green Mountain Pellet Grills (GMG Products LLC) manufactures wood pellet grills and produces earth friendly hardwood cooking pellets.

Pellet Grills always use wood pellets. This is truly the most earth friendly way to grill or cook outside. In a world that sells millions of Barbeques, the majority of those grills are charcoal and natural gas. Charcoal and natural gas grills can tend to overheat which can lead to charring of your food. Charred food can transform amino acids and other natural substances in the foods into heterocyclic amines which scientists have proven to cause cancer in lab animals.

There are many studies that show these elements from charring foods might boost the risk of cancer. An uncontrollable flame and burning of food does not happen when cooking with a pellet grill. The grill cooks in an indirect manner with earth friendly pellets which impart moisture when burned.

Ethical and Environmental Policy:

We are a family owned small business who have a focus of doing what is right for our customers and our environment. We strive to continually give to organizations who are deserving. At the end of the day, we are a small business who wants to create sustainability in everything we do.
Eco Certifications: not yet
Eco Memberships: not yet

Website2: hardwood pellet grills

Attn: Jason Baker Country: USA
Tel: 530-347-9167 Area: - North America
Fax: City: Phoenix
Mobile: Street: 4727 E Bell Rd Ste 45105
Email: Send email Zip: 85032


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