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"Since we joined our company profile was viewed 3507 times! The best part is that we keep benefiting from highly targeted traffic and exposure every month for free! Joining this network was one of the easiest and best decisions we've made." - Jem Winston, Managing Director, Rosalie Forest / 3 Rivers Eco Lodge, Dominica, WI

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GET ALL-INCLUSIVE COMPANY LISTING is one of the largest international green business directories online.
When you join you can include the following information:

Your company logo or other representative image,
targeted exposureLong description of your green activity, products, services,
quality sales leadsAn image gallery of up to 50 product ads,
quality sales leadsYour company's promotional YouTube videos,
permanent weblinkAn active weblink to your company's homepage,
permanent weblinkAdditional SEO keyword rich active weblink to any webpage
advertise up to 50 products for freeFull contact details (email address is hidden to eliminate spam),
member bannersYour environmental certifications and/or memberships,
member bannersClassification in up to 5 relevant categories (if applicable),
member bannersSocial media share buttons for viral marketing,

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  • Receive targeted exposure from green focused customers.
    With over 250,000 pageviews per month to our eco related website and the traffic constantly increasing, your company is guaranteed to receive 'green' targeted exposure on a continuous basis. We rank at the top on Google and other search engines for many relevant keywords, such as 'eco-friendly companies', 'environmentally friendly companies', 'eco companies', 'eco friendly directory', and many others that bring targeted traffic to our website and our member companies.

  • Connect to the green community
    In addition to search engine traffic we receive almost 45% of our traffic from social media sites on relevant topics. We also provide our directory content as a free widget for publication on green blogs and other websites. Our content syndication feature brings in even more targeted traffic for our member companies.

  • Get free product advertising across the website.
    We provide all companies listed on the opportunity to promote their products across our green network completely free of charge. We rotate all product ads randomly on our home page and all other pages throughout the directory. This is free advertisement on a continuous basis! Displaying product ads will bring more targeted traffic and greater exposure for your company.

  • Get a niche specific web link from - PR 5 website.
    SEO value is estimated at $50/annually. Being listed in our green directory, which currently has a Google PageRank of 5, will automatically boost your website's ranking in Google and other search engines. Many of our listed companies now have a Google Page Rank of 3 on and the link to their website now carries a lot of value.

  • Receive an additional 'keyword rich' web link - seo value.
    SEO value estimated at $75/annually. This is a new feature. In addition to your homepage URL you can now also add another weblink with specified keywords which can be hyperlinked to your site's home page, any subpage, or even your Facebook page.

  • Get quality and relevant sales leads from other directory members.
    If your profile page and products are of interest to other members of the directory, you will receive relevant sales leads. Only members can contact other members directly via

  • Free temporary link to your member profile on ALL pages (1000's).
    When you join we will provide you with a temporary link to your profile page that appears across the entire website until the next 8 companies register with us.

In Addition, When You Add Your Company,
We Will Protect 100 m2 of the Rainforest!

Thanks to our unique partnership with the World Land Trust since January 2011 we are able to protect the Amazon Rainforest. With each qualified registration we save 100sq meters of the rainforest in Ecuador.

100sq meters is a home to about 5 trees and a variety of wildlife. When you register your company with us you will get an amazing ongoing value for your business and you will also help to save and protect our environment and its most vital resources for the future generations.

Save 100 square meters of rainforest

World Land Trust

Find out more about this particular project in Ecuador
To learn about the World Land Trust visit

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Member Registration Requirements

In order to register with your organization should meet at least ONE of the following criteria.

- You promote or sell eco-friendly products, services or lifestyle, or
- Focus on preserving the environment, or
- Hold relevant eco certifications or memberships, or
- Is registered as GO, NGO, Non Profit, or Charity.

Note: We trust that all companies who apply to become a member of already recognize their own pro environmental status and can testify to its genuineness. We only serve as a directory, not a governing body.


1. Choose your membership below and make the relevant payment. The money is used to cover our administration costs and save trees in the Rainforest as well as promote for the benefit of its member companies.

2. Submit your company details. As soon as the payment is processed (takes about 25 seconds), you will be able to setup your company profile page on This will only take five minutes of your time but it will benefit your company for many years. All registrations are approved manually within 72 hours. If your organization is not accepted we will refund your payment in full. That's covered by our 100% Money Back Gurantee.

NEED TO ASK US A QUESTION? Click here. We respond within 24 hours.
money back guarantee
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satisfaction guaranteed

Please choose your membership below:

Annual Membership offers the exact same benefits and features as our
Lifetime Membership, except that it is charged annually at a reduced rate.

Only $99.95 - NOW ONLY - $39.95


ONLY $19.95

Lifetime Membership
Annual Membership
With this option your company listing is permanent until you request its removal from our network or your company closes. No further fees are ever applied.   With this option your company listing in our network must be renewed each year and a fee of $19.95 will be charged for each annual renewal.

Immiediate access to this service/product is available once payment is approved. VAT is charged automatically.


When you register your company in our eco-friendly directory we will also give you three complimentary eBooks worth $20.00 as our way of saying thank you for listing with us.

Greener Ideas
Solar Power
Herbal Remedies

* Not Interested in Membership?

If you are not interested in becoming an member please support our organization buy purchasing this eBook below. It is a straight forward guide that will help you go green and save money at the same time. This ebook is written in an PDF format which can be easily read it on your computer, tablet, or iphone/android.

'Go Green and Save at the Same Time'

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Your eBook will be available for immediate download after successful payment is made.

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