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Vasilia is a beauty boutique which offers customers a carefully selected collection of the world’s finest and purest natural beauty & organic products, ranging from skincare, bath products, hair care and ba ... 49, Iereos Dousi str. Marousi Athens
15126 - Europe

Balance Slimming gel with Green Tea

  For immediate toning and slimming, up to 4.5 cm, anti-cellulite body slimming gel: A powerful combination of condensed caffeine, green tea and red fruit extracts.$67.90
Bioplasis Mastic Moisturizing Day Cream for Dry an

  BioPlasis mastic moisturizing day Cream for dry and sensitive skin is a specially researched formula which hydrates and instantly calms irritated skin. $55.70
Bio Plasis Mastic Antiwrinkle Serum-Eye Gel

  Bioplasis mastic antiwrinkle serum-eye gel is an ideal serum-gel which offers high moisture and elasticity to the delicate area of the eyes and softens the wrinkles and expression lines. $45.70
Bioplasis 24h Regenerating and Moisturizing Cream

  Bioplasis 24h Regenerating Cream is formulated with specially selected organically cultivated natural ingredients which offer multiple capabilities: hydrating, nutritional & firming capabilities$53.60
Bioplasis Anti-Aging Day Cream for Mature skin

  Bioplasis mastic anti aging moisturizing day cream is a highly hydrating cream, rich in organically cultivated natural ingredients with powerful antioxidant properties $54.90
Bioplasis Anti-Aging Facial Serum

  Bioplasis mastic facial serum is a fortified anti-aging serum that balances hydration and oiliness. Tones and fortifies the elasticity and the appearance of the skin.$51.50
Bioplasis Facial Peeling with Mastic Oil

  Bioplasis facial peeling is ideal for all skin types even the most sensitive due its active ingredients:Mastic**, Olive Oil*, Sunflower Oil*, Aloe*, Calendula*, Chamomile*, Tillia*, $52.90
Bioplasis Tonic Lotion with Green Tea

  Bioplasis organic toner is a non-alcoholictonic lotion for all skin types formulated with nutritional substances given by nature: green tea*,orange juice*,grapefruit juice*, tillia &chamomile*.$39.90
Bioselect Anti-Aging Firming Serum for Face &Neck

  Bioselect anti-aging and firming serum for face and neck is comprised of dictamelia, rice proteins and coenzyme Q10
Bioselect Anti-Wrinkle EyeCream

  A protective and moisturizing eye cream that minimizes signs of premature ageing. Dictamelia* nourishes and offers anti-oxidant protection $31.50
Bioselect Face Peeling Scrub

  Bioselect face peeling scrub is enriched with beads from olive kernels,dctamelia and mallow extracts. $25.20
Bioselect Natural Lifting Cream

  Bioselect natural lifting cream for the face and neck is an instant lifting cream which reduces fine lines and improves skin appearance of the face and neck. $33.20
Bioselect Nutritional Night Cream

  A night cream with reconstructive, rejuvenating and tonifying properties, which can be used frequently as an intensive beauty treatment. Dictamelia*, avocado oil*, honey*, and vitamins. $30.95
EdipsoSpa Thermal Water 24h Total Care Face Cream

  Thermal Water 24h Total Care Face Cream exceptional advanced formula and the presence of Edipsos thermal spa water successfully intervenes on the cell mechanism (Aqua Porin-3) $53.40
EdipsoSpa Thermal Water Anti Aging Night Cream

  EdipsoSpa thermal water antiaging night creamacts gradually during the night on several layers of the skin. Its unique organic formula slows down cell ageing and gives fresheness and radiance.
EdipsoSpa Thermal Water Anti Cellulite Cream

  EdipsoSpa thermal water anti cellulite slimming cream contains Ivy Leaf Extract, Guarana, Myriseline, AT Peptide IS and UC Peptide V.
EdipsoSpa Thermal Water Mud

  EdipsoSpa thermal water mud is enriched with all the beneficial elements of the mineral water of Edipsos Spa. A unique and natural exfoliating mud which firms face and body.$49.90
Bema Cell Regenerating Cream 365 Days

  This organic cell regenerating cream is a protective, collagen stimulating treatment made with arctic cloudberry, isoflavons of soya bean, UV filter and porphyria. $44.90
Bema Hair loss Bio Shampoo

  his anti hair-loss organic bio shampoo has been formulated with the complex tricobema hair growing which consists of glycogen of seaweeds, $41.70
Bema Dandruff Bio Lotion

  Dermatologically tested.With tricobema dandruff, a complex based on moringa, thyme and barley grass. $55.90
Bema Elasticizing Cream

  This organic cream is ideal to increase skin elasticity that has been lost or appears relaxed due to due to aging, weight loss or gain, or after pregnancy $51.50
Bema Anti Aging Serum

  This organic antiaging serum deeply compensates dry skin with additional hydration and prevents skin irritation and redness due to its key components
Biozn Cellulite Serum

  Biozn Cellulite Serum helps maintain the natural elasticity of the skin and the amount of collagen of the skin on which is the skin while helping to fast regeneration of cells.$71.90
Biozn Firming Face Serum

  Biozn Firming helps maintain the natural elasticity of the skin and the amount of collagen of the skin on which is the skin while helping to fast regeneration of cells.$99.90
JuvaBio Anti Cellulite Cream

  The Juvabio propose a unique cluster of cream with active ingredients. The retractol prevents the differentiation of adipocytes, which is the source of the appearance of orange peel. $49.95
JuvaBio Anti Wrinkle Cream

  Antiwrinkle cream for normal and mixed skin $49.90
JuvaBio Eye Cream

  For all skin types.Inolaxine eye cream for puffiness and dark circles.$47.40
Santaverde Aloe Vera Facial Toner Classic

  This fine, moisturising facial toner from pure aloe vera juice and stimulating nard distillate strengthens the elasticity and firmness of your skin and vitalises and refines it.$27.00
Santaverde Aloe Vera Moisturizing Body Lotion

  This light, fresh aloe moisturizing lotion is suitable for all skin types. Pure aloe vera juice intensively provides moisture and supports the natural regeneration of your skin$59.90
Santaverde Care Set Pure Hydration

  Santaverde care set pure hydration gives perfect 24-hour combination care for normal skin or skin that tends to dryness.
Santaverde Care Set Pure Nutrition

  Santaverde care set pure nutrition gives perfect 24-hour combination care for dry and demanding skin.$52.00
Santaverde Xingu High Antioxidant Prevention Cream

  Pure juice elixir from aloe vera leaves and cashew fruits, rich in active ingredients, complemented by traditional plants from the Brazilian rain forests$89.00
Santaverde Xingu High Antioxidant Prevention Eye

  A pure juice elixir of aloe vera leaves and cashew fruits, rich in active ingredients and enhanced with powerful extracts from eyebright, guarana and olive nurtures the sensitive skin around eyes$52.0
Sante Day Cream with Goji for Dry Skin

  Velvety-soft indulgence for dry skin! This concentrated cream with active botanicals combines valuable organic goji berry extract, organic aloe vera,$26.50
Sante Homme II Body & Hair Shower

  ante Body & Hair Shower Gel for men is a mild vegetal cleansing ingredients clean the skin without drying it out High quality, natural extracts give new energy$18.15
Sante Night Cream with Schisadra

  Sleep yourself beautiful! This night cream is pure relaxation for sensitive skin. A special blend of valuable organic schisandra extract, organic camellia oil$26.50
Styx Goat´s Milk Face Cream

  Regenerating and moisturizing day cream with Alpine herbs as marigold, aloe and achillea and goat's butter. Treats first signs of ageing and promotes suppleness. $35.90
Styx Rose Night Cream

  Rose Petal Night Cream conditions and regenerates skin cells with real Damascena rose oil, jojoba and macadamia nut oil.$36.70
Styx Rose Tinted Day Cream

  To provide for a nice uniform appearance, and to give your complexion a natural and uniform color.
Styx Shea Butter Body Cream

  Styx Shea butter is formulated with the synergetic properties of organic shea butter and certified organic vegetable oils.
Styx Tea Tree Face Cream

  This cream with tea tree is an active mixture of essential oils to clear the skin and help prevent inflammations. At the same time it provides extra moisture even though it has a light consistency.$48
Serutox Serum

  Experience Younger looking skin with the best alternative to BOTOX.


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