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Green activist who hopes that one day our world will be completely free of pollution and that people will live in peace and harmony.

$10 Billion For Green Energy Funding in Australia

Australia’s Fraser Coast Chronicle reported that a $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corp was established when the Australian government passed a legislation to provide grants and new government investment to green energy projects. The government of Australia wants to cut … Continue reading

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Learn How to Make Herbal Papers

Paper making was invented by the Chinese as early as 105 AD using a combination of flax and tree bark.  The cellulose fibers of plants are ideal materials for making paper and today paper is still being made  using plants … Continue reading

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Sources of Alternative Energy – A Brief Introduction

Electricity has traditionally been generated by burning fossil fuels, but fears about the environment cost to the planet and the sustainability of continued fossil fuel consumption have prompted research into cleaner methods of generating electricity from renewable resources. Burning fossil fuels … Continue reading

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Green Entrepreneurship and Small Business

Small business owners often think that they do not have as much impact on the environment as large corporations. However, the sum of small businesses combined actually accounts for a lot of the damage to the environment. Stokes (2000) attributes … Continue reading

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Powered Turbines

Wind power has been used by people for thousands of years as a source of power, from powering sailing ships to pumping water from rivers and wells. Many countries, for example the USA, the Netherlands, the UK, West Germany, Sweden … Continue reading

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NASA Launches a $10Million Project to Research Algae Production

Santa Cruz. NASA researchers have been testing a new energy source which could replace fossil fuel to power jets and perhaps even spaceships. Algae fuels have already been successfully tested on jets. The interesting thing is that algae has the … Continue reading

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Eco-Fashion: Turning eco-friendly fabrics into haute couture

People are recognizing the benefits of going green and are trying to live a green life in every possible way. From recycling initiatives and pledges to cut carbon dioxide emissions, to companies adopting environmental policies, everyone is trying to approach … Continue reading

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Solar Energy – A Brief Introduction

As early as the third century BC, people were aware of the power of the focused sunlight. The Greek mathematician Archimedes (287-212 BC) is famously said to have defended Syracuse (Sicily) from attack using giant mirrors that directed intense beams … Continue reading

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