Eco Whisper Turbine – The world’s quietest wind turbine

Renewable Energy Solutions Australia Holdings Ltd (RESA) has unveiled the world’s quietest 20kW wind turbine in Geelong, Victoria. The turbine is called the Eco Whisper Turbine and first units are already in production. Australia has been at the forefront of renewable energy innovation for many years now. The announcement and release of the  Eco Whisperer Turbine adds to the Australian collection of green patents and technology. This cutting edge turbine is 21 meters in height and features a unique blade design that is almost silent. (The blade measures 6.5 metres.) The Eco Whisper Turbine is suited for grid and non-grid connections and produces a constant flow of 20 kW electricity which makes it ideal for urban and rural applications.

What makes this particular turbine practically silent is its innovative design in which the unique ring prevents air from spilling off the blades and thus minimizing traction and noise. Another innovative aspect of the Eco Whisper Turbine is its ability to operate practically in any wind/weather conditions.

Here is a list of the advantages of this turbine compared to a widely used 3 blade designs:

  • Lower start up speed
  • An advanced ability to collect wind making it suitable for urban and agricultural sites
  • Australian manufactured generator and inverter, delivering more energy (up to 45,000 KwH per annum)
  • No turn away losses
  • Blades contained in a central hub to minimize birdlife casualty

“This turbine is set to revolutionise small to medium-size renewable electricity generation and interest from industry is already overwhelming, with more than 300 requests during our launch this week:” – said Michael Le Messurier, Eco Whisper’s Business Development Manager.

“The Eco Whisper Turbine is a huge advancement for wind power technology, particularly in the mid-size 20 kW market. The quietness of the wind turbine and its ability to operate effectively in a range of wind conditions makes it well-suited for organizations seeking to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and impact of the carbon tax to achieve the renewable target of 20% by 2020.”

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