Eco-Friendly Burials

eco-friendly burials The phrase “pushing up daisies” became a reality when cofounder and president of the board of trustees, Mary Woodsen, discovered newly covered graves at Greensprings Cemetery carpeted with daises.
Greensprings is the only natural burial cemetery in New York State. The term natural burial refers to a burial without chemicals or other materials that, when put into the ground, can be harmful to the environment. Continue reading

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The Giving Tree: Hevea brasiliensis

Hevea brasiliensis Shel Silverstein’s book The Giving Tree was a childhood favorite about a boy who befriended a tree, and all the tree gave throughout its life for the friendship—first fruit, then leaves, then branches, then trunk… and then, as the boy entered old age, the tree gave its trunk as a stool where he sat and rested. Continue reading

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How to Harvest Wild Resources Sustainably

sustainable harvestingIn most countries wild species and uncultivated ecosystems are an important resource. Harvests need to be regulated if they are to be sustainable. Local needs should have priority over external commercial and recreational uses. Continue reading

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Greenhouse Gases and Their Sources

greenhouse gasesThe temperature of any planet is determined partly by the gases in its atmosphere. So called ‘greenhouse gases’ act like a blanket, absorbing heat that would otherwise escape to space, thereby warming up the planet’s surface. This phenomenon is known as the greenhouse effect. The Earth has always had gases in its atmosphere. Continue reading

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How Does the WWF Work

how does the wwf workWWF has its headquarters in Gland, Switzerland. Its Staff, the Secretariat, is also based in Switzerland. The WWF has a network of organizations in many countries that help manage its activities in a particular region. The national organizations are independent but work closely together on larger global projects. All these organizations carry out fieldwork, advise local and national governments and educate local communities on conservation issues. Continue reading

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The Future of Alternative Energy – A Brief Introduction

clean energy Smart investors know that green energy is set to be one of the key growth industries in the 21st century. Globally, wind power alone is already worth more than $2.43 billion, and the leading players in the energy market are hurriedly diversifying into renewable energy sector.

Shell estimates that 50 per cent of the world’s energy needs could be met by renewables by 2050. Continue reading

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China And Japan Buy Foreign Renewable Energy Projects

japan energy investment

Japan’s recent trend of investments seems to be buying foreign renewable energy projects that offer long term solutions and good return on investment.

According to KPMG, an accounting company, China and Japan will be major players in the future of the renewable energy sector, especially acquisitions and mergers. Asian investments in clean energy companies rose by about 50% in 2011 Continue reading

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$10 Billion For Green Energy Funding in Australia

green AustraliaAustralia’s Fraser Coast Chronicle reported that a $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corp was established when the Australian government passed a legislation to provide grants and new government investment to green energy projects.

The government of Australia wants to cut the country’s emissions by 5% counting from the year 2000 to 2020. They also intend to reduce more emissions by as much as 80% by the year 2050. Continue reading

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