The Benefits of Industrial Hemp

The Benefits of Industrial Hemp is an important crop used in industry. It has been used since the ancient Stone Age and continues to be used today, despite the several controversies that have surrounded this humble crop. In contemporary times, hemp is an important ingredient used in the industrial manufacture of cloth, paper, ropes, medicines, food supplements and even in cosmetics. Due to its so many commercial uses, hemp is classified more as a cash crop than as a food crop. In each industry where hemp is used, it shows several advantages over its competitors. The following are some key aspects of the benefits of industrial hemp.

Benefits of Industrial Hemp in Paper Industry

Hemp is an ideal material for making paper. In fact the oldest papers of the world were made using hemp. Early Bibles were written on hemp papers, and it was in wide use in Egyptian and Greek scrolls. Hemp was even accorded one of its greatest honors when Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence on paper made using hemp.

There are certainly many reasons why hemp has been used in such a major way in manufacturing paper. The following are some of the prime benefits of the use of hemp in paper manufacture:

1. Hemp fibers are counted among the world’s strongest fibers.
This is ideal in making paper as it doesn’t tear easily.
2. Hemp is free of acids that can turn paper yellow with age.
Paper made with hemp fibers can remain white for a long period of time.
3. Hemp paper has natural flexibility.
It does not get brittle with age.
4. Hemp can be bleached till it is almost perfectly white.

Both long and short hemp fibers can be used in the manufacture of paper. Longer hemp fibers can be used in making long books and stationery, while shorter hemp fibers find a very useful application in making tissue papers, packing papers and newsprint. Hemp is very popular in making telephone directories.

Hemp is also a very economical option for making paper. It can produce much more fiber than ordinary wood pulp and is seven times more recyclable than other pulps used in making paper. Hemp is also agriculturally a better option because the same amount of land can produce at least four times as much hemp as wood trees within a time span of twenty years.

Benefits of Industrial Hemp in Textiles

Hemp has been used since very ancient times in the manufacture of textiles. Records of hemp use in textiles date back to about 3000 BC. It was considered to be a cheaper and more durable option for linen in Middle Eastern culture such as Egypt and Mesopotamia. Hemp fabrics are very much similar to flax fabrics and indeed, both of them were used quite interchangeably in the past. Hemp, being a very strong fabric was used in building masts and sails of ships, and even used in the manufacture of heavy rope which the ships use for rigging.

The following are the prime benefits of industrial hemp for which hemp is used as an ideal fabric for the manufacture of textiles:

1. Hemp fibers are strong and they do not break easily.
2. They have elastic and tensile strength, which give them great flexibility.
This is a prime requisite in making textiles.
3. Hemp fibers are smooth and hollow.
They are longer than other fibers. This makes them ideal fibers for weaving.
4. Hemp is resistant to mold and mildew. Hence, hemp fabrics remain fresh for a longer period of time.

Other Industrial Benefits of Hemp

The use of hemp is definitely not restricted to paper manufacture and textiles. Hemp has been used since very ancient times in the manufacture of several traditional medicines. The culture of using hemp for medicines is still prevalent in China. Hemp cosmetics are also quite popular. These cosmetics are proven to be very good for skin and hair, and they aid in the natural healing process.

But the biggest reason why hemp is so popular in industry is that it can be cultivated by a very simple process. It takes about 90 days to attain full maturity, which makes it very ideal to grow even as crop rotation. Hemp also grows in a variety of climates and can be found all over the world. For more info visit Industrial Hemp

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