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Truegreen Enterprises, Inc., headquartered in Deerfield Beach, Fla., is a leading provider of affordable, recycled and environmentally-safe paper, cleaning, household and beauty products. Truegreen products offer earth friendly solutions that exceed today's standards for green products.

Truegreen has dedicated itself to thorough research and testing to ensure that all products and packaging far surpass environmentally friendly standards. The company also has an unwavering devotion in guaranteeing that those products are offered at a price point that makes it easier for customers to live a healthy lifestyle.

Truegreen's line of environmentally safe products consists of a complete assortment of recycled paper products, including its "100% Treeless" copy paper and bath tissues; plus paper towels, facial tissues and napkins made from sugar cane bagasse, a 100% biodegradable and sustainable alternative to paper made from trees.

Truegreen Laundry Washing Balls and Reusable Dryer Balls offer eco-friendly solutions for eliminating harmful chemicals and residues produced by traditional detergents. Designed to withstand numerous wash-cycles, Truegreen laundry balls are cost-effective alternatives to high-priced bottles of detergents required for the same amount of use.

In addition to recycled paper and non-toxic laundry supplies, Truegreen provides a full line of roadside and biodegradable* bathroom trash liners, kitchen trash liners and garbage bags. All Truegreen trash liners and garbage bags ranging in sizes from 4-gallon to 55-gallon bags are made from Oxo-Biodegradable plastics, which are designed with a controlled lifetime to start degradation on disposal after the product has fulfilled the required shelf and service.

Ethical and Environmental Policy:

Eco Certifications: several products are certified
Eco Memberships: none yet

Website2: No link

Attn: Mike Lehmann Country: USA
Tel: 877-220-4733 Area: Florida
Fax: 877-230-4733 City: Deerfield Beach
Mobile: Street: 245 N. Ocean Blvd, Suite 300
Email: Send email Zip: 33441


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