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Hallet Huggables

Hallet Huggables stuffed bears are made from baby alpaca pelts purchased in the Peruvian highlands from shepherds who have lost an animal because of harsh climatic conditions or other reasons of natural death.

Approximately 15 - 20% of young alpacas ranging from 0 - 3 months die of exposure every year. The shepherds are able to recuperate their economic loss with our help. The additional resources from the sale of this former waste help them take better care of their herd and their families .

The Peruvian Foreign Trade Institute states that the development of the fur industry contributes to a better use of the alpaca because it creates a market for this unfortunate by-product of the life cycle.

Our bears are a sustainable environmental product which creates employment and other commercial opportunities. The bear market helps re-use, recycle and give back to the community. Many people are employed as a result of the creation of these bears, from tanners to sewers to scissor sculptors.

The factory has recently switched from formaldehyde to an environmentally friendly tanning process and has retro-fitted their workplace environment to meet the standards of US importers.

Hallet Huggables bears have passed child US safety regulations as recently as 2005 and are labeled with the Pennsylvania Stuffed Toy Registration number which is required and accepted in Massachusetts and Ohio.

Hallet Huggables is the only alpaca fur bear company that relies on branding, testing, style differentiation, and embroidery to differentiate and market its products.

Many opportunities are also available for wholesale customers. We can provide our styles or help your design, source and import your own products.

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Attn: Marsha Hallet Country: USA
Tel: 800-4-ALPACA Area: California
Fax: 415-456-7987 City: San Anselmo
Mobile: Street: Po Box 1707
Email: Send email Zip: 94969


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